October 22 - November 6, 2021


The year was 1996 and a young Eric Francis was hungry. But was his standard, go-to pizzeria really offering up the best pie in town? Surely there were better alternatives...but where? That night the Pizza Pigout was born. Why not invite every pizzeria and restaurant in town to offer up its three finest pizzas and enlist the services of local celebs like Jeff Garcia, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Jarome Iginla, Lanny McDonald, Kelly Hrudey and even TV legend Buck Shot to help determine the very best of Mozza Moguls.

Over 150 pizzas showed up that first year at Dusty's and it, um, mushroomed from there, becoming the largest gathering of Calgary celebrities every year. What's more, the results are published in the Calgary Sun, giving Calgarians the definitive guide to ordering their next cheesy wheel.

Every year pizzerias from around the city come together to support KidSport Calgary and our charity partners.  This year we are flipping the script once again and turning the support back to the small businesses that have given so much to this event over the years.  getting us all together under one roof to chow down on the cities best pizza is not an option just yet.  But we know together we can still do great things in our community.  This year all we ask is that you order In or go visit one of our great pizza joints between october 22-November 6th and then cast your vote on your favorite pizzeria and favorite flavors.

the man:
who is eric francis

A Sportsnet.ca columnist, and Sportsnet radio and TV analyst the man has covered everything from the Flames and Stampeders to the British Open, Stanley Cup Finals, Super Bowl and Olympics. A best-selling author, game-night analyst on Sportsnet Flames, past Calgary Sun sports columnist where he started in 1994, and former Hockey Night in Canada panelist, Francis is also a loving dad, husband and proud Ambassador for KidSport Calgary.

Outside of playing for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and owning the CFL record for kicking percentage (100% or 1 for 1) the Pigout is one of his proudest accomplishments as founder of The Pizza Pigout, Francis’ took a classic every day argument in “whose favorite pizza place is better” and morphed it into a community staple, an epidemic, an opportunity for the city to come together and make a difference.

The Causes

In previous years our event has raised funds for these worthy causes.  We don't have a charitable component in 2021, however, if you want to support one of these great charities when you order up your pizza please do so as we know they are all doing amazing work in our community:

KidSport Calgary provides support to children, removing financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sports. "We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports."

Cancer is horrible, but there is nothing more unfair than a cancer diagnosis of a child. Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta’s programs are uniquely designed to meet the needs of the whole family at each stage of the cancer journey, from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. The foundation helps Alberta children and families by providing funding and programs in these key areas: Camp and Outreach; Research and Hospital; and Education Support and Scholarship programs.

The Calgary Police Foundation helps keep vulnerable and at-risk kids in our community safe from crime by investing in education, prevention, and early intervention programs in conjunction with the Calgary Police Service. We believe that by enabling our kids to make better choices, we create a safer and healthier community for all Calgarians.

This year our goal is to support local and give back to the small businesses that have supported us for the last 18 years.


The Venue

This year you can take part in the Eric Francis Pizza Pigout from the comfort of your own home or by stopping by your favorite pizza proprietor! It will look a little different than our typical venue, Cowboys Legendary Dance Hall, but you can still try out as many pizza flavours as you want and cast your vote for Calgary's best pie!


Got the best pizza in town?


Calling on all pizza spots for this year’s 2019 Pizza Pigout.  From big name chains to the hole-in-the-wall down the street, Calgary will be looking for YOU.  

We are looking for new, niche, and creative pizzas in Calgary  If you have a special pizza that you’ve been hiding out on us, or an amazing flatbread, we’d love to have it!

Not only will several TV stations be on hand to capture the event, the Calgary Sun produces a pullout section declaring category winners such as the Top 25, Best Veggie, Best Gluten-Free, Best Dessert Pizza, Most Unique, etc.

Want to see who has participated in the past?

We don't blame you, but we do warn you...

Your hunger cravings will kick into full gear after seeing this list! 



Got the best pizza in town?


Calling on all pizza spots for this year’s 2021 Pizza Pigout.  From big name chains to the hole-in-the-wall down the street, Calgary will be looking for YOU.  

We are looking for new, niche, and creative pizzas in Calgary.  If you have a special pizza that you’ve been hiding out on us, or an amazing flatbread, we’d love to have it!

This year is all about supporting local and you'll have Calgarians ordering from your pizza joint from October 22nd - November 6th and voting on their favorite pizza flavors. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter following the event as we unveil your Top 25, Best Veggie, Best Gluten-Free, Best Meat Lovers, Most Unique, etc.

This year's pizzerias

What to expect

Tasting the best pizzas Calgary has to offer

This year is all about giving back to the pizzerias that have supported this event over the years. Times are tough right now and we want to help out these small businesses! Order some pizzas from our pizzerias from October 22nd to November 6th then come back to our website to cast your vote for your favorite pizza flavor! 


Past sponsors

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Get Involved

Want a slice of the action in 2021?
We don't blame you!
help us make our 19th anniversary the best ever!

This year all we ask is that you order some pizza's from our local pizzerias, taste them, and then vote on your favorites! We know it has been a tough year and we are focused on supporting local and giving back to the small businesses that have supported our event over the last 18 years. 

Check out the list of pizzerias and the pizza flavors they've entered in the contest this year, order some for yourself, your family, or your coworkers, then come back to the website and cast your votes! 

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