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Enter your pizza

Got the Cheesiest? The Sauciest? The Thickest? The Thinnest? The Spiciest?  PROVE IT. 

follow these 5 simple steps

Step 1:
(2 orders of your top three pizzas).  
With a maximum of 15 donated pizzas, if you wish to donate more. 
Remember, the more pizza you donate, the more of your pizza gets tried.

Step 2:
Fill in your Pigout Application

Step 3:
We will arrange a time slot for your delivery person to meet us at Cowboys Dancehall 

Step 31/2:

Get your pizza's ready - Wednesday, October 16th!  Have them cut into 16 sample slices and have them delivered at your predetermined time slot. 

Step 4:
 We tag your Pizza’s, set em’ up, and let the Pigging out begin!

Step 5:
Read in the Sunday Calgary Sun how your pizzas fared, giving you free publicity!

Not only will several TV stations be on hand to capture the event, the Calgary Sun produces a pullout section declaring the Top 25, Best Veggie, Best Gluten-Free, Best Dessert Pizza, Most Unique, etc. There is also a lengthy Honourable Mention section, giving most participants great exposure in the definitive guide to ordering pizza. Let your pizza win the hearts and taste buds of our city's biggest celebs and pizza fans. The Pizza Pigout includes over 50 of Calgary’s local restaurants/pizzerias - make sure you are part of that list.

Media Coverage:

The Ultimate Taste Test:

From big name chains to the hole-in-the-wall down the street pizza shops, Calgary will be looking for YOU.  With over 500 impressionable hungry Calgarians joining us at our event, they will be looking to add you to their speed dial or dining-in location.  

pizzeria application form

Two orders of your top three pizza types. (Ex. The Meaty Masterpiece x 2 pizzas, The Cheesy Charles x 2 pizzas, The Classic Margarita x 2 pizzas)

I will be sure to donate an even amount of each top three (3) pizzas submitted.

Thanks for submitting!

Becca Hebert

Community Outreach Coordinator 

P: 403.202.0251

C: 403-638-6049

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