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2022 pizza pigout category winners

not sure where to order from tonight? check out our list of 2022 winners!
Tantalizing 25

tantalizing 25

Best VEggie

Best Meat Lovers

Best hawaiian pizza

Best chicken pizza

403 local eatery & Bar - BBQ Chicken

home & away - chicken bacon ranch 

paul's pizza - bbq chicken & pineapple 

pizza 22 & ribs - garlic chicken parmesan 

sammy's worlds greatest pizza - bbq chicken 

spiros pizza on 17th - annah's island

tops pizza (South) - bbq chicken 

most unique pizza

4th street pizza - house special 

avatara pizza - taco fiesta

bonasera pizza & Sports Bar SE - mexicana

bow tie pizza - donair

inglewood pizza (killarney) - bbq smoked pork 

italian supermarket - amalfi

mad rose pub - mad rose special

matador pizza - the hot one

mr. Schnapps restaurant & Bar - mr. Schnapps special

noble pie - extra fancy

pizza bank - glenmore special

pizza bob's classic pie - banh mizza 

pizza 22 & Ribs - butter chicken 

spiros pizza on 17th - holy smoked 

The mash - dill pickle & bacon 

the rooftop - dill pickle

tops pizza (south) - turkey Bacon club 

Best gluten free pizza

Best Veggie Pizza
Best Meat Lovers Pizza
Best Hawaiian Pizza
Best Chicken Pizza
Most Unique Pizza
Best Gluten Free Pizza
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